DIY Rose Face Mist


Mmmm… I love rose. And my favorite extraction of it has to be rose hydrosol (aka rose water). The scent and feel of it is quite etheric, and always uplifts my spirit. So for this reason I’ve chosen to focus my very first DIY article on making a simple, inexpensive rose face mist that I think you will love. It is perfect in the summer time as refreshing way to cool off, and in the winter to hydrate dry skin. What I’m saying is, you can enjoy this year round! Here is the foundational recipe and instructions:

What you’ll need:
4 oz bottle and spray cap
Small funnel – this is helpful for pouring the ingredients into the bottle
Rose hydrosol — 3 oz.
Witch hazel – regular, unscented, or rose scented (if you use regular, you will smell it! I don’t mind the scent but a lot of people don’t like it, so just a heads up) — 1 oz.
Aloe vera gel — 1 tsp
Vitamin E oil — 1/2 tsp

Here’s what you do:
Add your witch hazel, aloe vera, and Vitamin E.
Close the bottle and give it a good shake!
Open bottle and fill to top with rose hydrosol.
Close the bottle, give it another shake, spray on your face, feel like a faery.

Like I said this is foundational, and perfectly wonderful as is. However, if you wanna add a few more things, here’s some ideas:

1/4 tsp of jojoba, olive, grapeseed, avocado, or sesame oil — for extra moisturizing action!

Small gems or marbles — I added a couple little pieces of rose quartz to mine. Water and oil will separate, so this can help mix it all up when you shake the bottle (and you do want to be sure to give it a shake every time before spraying).

A drop of gem or flower essence.

A tbsp of chamomile tea.

I hope you enjoy this, and let me know what you think in the comments!

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