Shop is closed 7/26-8/10


I am moving next week, and decided to close up shop for a bit so I can focus on that, take a vacation, and get all of my inventory in one place! All orders placed before 7/26 will be shipped out in the usual 3-5 business days. And while the shop is closed, you can still find Corvidae goods at these lovely Seattle locations:

Ghost Gallery

Bon Voyage Vintage

ReRun Room

Essential Apothecary


Virago Gallery

Thanks for your patience, and see you in August! ❤

Verda Vests are back in stock!


Very stoked to announce that Verda Vests are back in the shop! These are hands down my favorite pieces to make, a true labor of love. The fabric is hand painted and heat set with beeswax, for a weatherproof finish and beautiful sheen. These vests also feature hand stitched braided trim along the yoke, antique brass snaps, front welt pockets, and a rose-embroidered inside pocket.

Each vest comes with a beeswax bar and instructions for re-application as needed.  Check out photos below to see the details, and find them in the shop here.







Earth and Sky Meditation


Here is a simple meditation to ground and expand, and carry with you throughout the day. All you need is 10 minutes and a quiet place to sit.

1. Get comfortable. Sit on the floor or the earth (if outside) – use a folded blanket or pillow if you like. Have a clock or phone ready and set it for 10 minutes, or however long you prefer to meditate.

2. Feel your lower body get heavy. Imagine it connecting to the energies of the earth – the soil, metals, roots, rocks, fungi, bones and blood. Connect deeper and deeper through the layers of time.

3. Feel your upper body connect to the sky, and outer space – the sun, the moon, the clouds, the stars, the outer planets, nebulae, meteors, the spaciousness and solitude and expansion.

4. Now experience them simultaneously, connecting lower body to the energies of the earth, and upper body to the energies of space. Perhaps your spine begins to uncurl and stretch.

5. Finally, focus on your solar plexus, where these energies meet. Solar = sun, which is positioned in space yet nourishes the earth. Visualize sunlight hitting the ground from which green tendrils emerge to meet it. Feel this energy in your solar plexus.

6. End your meditation by trying to hold all three energy connections at once – upper body, lower body, solar plexus. Breathe deep and feel the expansion.

You can carry this with you through the rest of your day, noting your feet connecting to the earth, the crown of your head connecting to the sky, and your solar plexus expanding out to both. Consider that the heart is located just above the solar plexus – perhaps it is our portal to the beyond.

I always light one of my beeswax votives before I start meditation, holding a soft gaze on the flame until I feel present, centered, and ready to begin. You can find my beeswax votives here. You could also try out the Witch’s Brew Bath Soak prior to your meditation, to assist in visualization.

I hope you enjoy this meditation and let me know what you think in the comments! ❤