Earth and Sky Meditation


Here is a simple meditation to ground and expand, and carry with you throughout the day. All you need is 10 minutes and a quiet place to sit.

1. Get comfortable. Sit on the floor or the earth (if outside) – use a folded blanket or pillow if you like. Have a clock or phone ready and set it for 10 minutes, or however long you prefer to meditate.

2. Feel your lower body get heavy. Imagine it connecting to the energies of the earth – the soil, metals, roots, rocks, fungi, bones and blood. Connect deeper and deeper through the layers of time.

3. Feel your upper body connect to the sky, and outer space – the sun, the moon, the clouds, the stars, the outer planets, nebulae, meteors, the spaciousness and solitude and expansion.

4. Now experience them simultaneously, connecting lower body to the energies of the earth, and upper body to the energies of space. Perhaps your spine begins to uncurl and stretch.

5. Finally, focus on your solar plexus, where these energies meet. Solar = sun, which is positioned in space yet nourishes the earth. Visualize sunlight hitting the ground from which green tendrils emerge to meet it. Feel this energy in your solar plexus.

6. End your meditation by trying to hold all three energy connections at once – upper body, lower body, solar plexus. Breathe deep and feel the expansion.

You can carry this with you through the rest of your day, noting your feet connecting to the earth, the crown of your head connecting to the sky, and your solar plexus expanding out to both. Consider that the heart is located just above the solar plexus – perhaps it is our portal to the beyond.

I always light one of my beeswax votives before I start meditation, holding a soft gaze on the flame until I feel present, centered, and ready to begin. You can find my beeswax votives here. You could also try out the Witch’s Brew Bath Soak prior to your meditation, to assist in visualization.

I hope you enjoy this meditation and let me know what you think in the comments! ❤

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April 2018 Markets


It’s market time! Looking forward to shifting from my winter production lair and getting back to spring and summer markets. 🙂 I have lots of new pieces from the Cauldron Collection and apothecary goods are fully stocked.

Fremont Markets are weather-pending but I always post day of on my Instagram account (@corvidaegoods) when I am there. Thrilled to be participating at the Black Owl Market again – this one is not to be missed! See ya at the markets!!

DIY Lavender Mint Body Scrub


Salt scrubs are a simple and inexpensive way to incorporate herbs and oils into your skin care routine. Salt in itself is a wonderful material to work with – it draws out toxins and negative energy, and fine sea salt makes an excellent exfoliant. This lavender mint salt scrub is perfect for helping you wake up in the morning, after a work out to soothe tired/sore muscles, or in the evening to scrub the day off. If you have sensitive skin, you can also try replacing the salt with sugar, which is less abrasive. Here’s the recipe and instructions —


3/4 C. fine grain sea salt
3 TBSP olive oil
1 TBSP honey
2 TBSP dried lavender buds
10 drops lavender essential oil
5 drops peppermint essential oil
5 drops rosemary essential oil


Combine your salt, olive oil, and honey in a bowl and mix well.
Measure out your lavender – if you have a mortar and pestle grind it up a bit first to soften it and release more of its fragrance.
Add lavender to the bowl and mix well.
Drop in your essential oils, and mix well.
Spoon the mixture into a jar and cap it until ready for use.

Additional notes:
I don’t recommend using the scrub after shaving, it will sting!
The resulting mixture will be somewhat crumbly – you can add more oil if  you like, just remember that it can make your bath tub/shower floor slippery.
Because lavender is so fragrant, you could make this scrub without essential oils and it will still smell yummy – especially if you grind up the lavender a bit first.
The oil and honey tend to work its way to the bottom of the jar, so I always just set the capped jar upside down when it’s not in use.

This recipe is an excerpt from my zine, DIY Herbal Bath Kit, which you can find here.

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I hope you enjoy this, and let me know what you think in the comments! ❤


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DIY Witch’s Brew Bath Soak & Herb Wash

Here is a simple blend of some of my favorite herbs for a bath soak, herb wash, or floor wash. Bathing (including showers) when done with intention, can be a ritual in itself – for purification, grounding, protection, meditation, and dream work, to name a few. Adding herbs to your bathing experience is a wonderful way to set this intention. Here’s an overview of the herbs included in this blend:

Mugwort – lucid dreams, psychic awareness, inner vision, protection *contraindicated during pregnancy*

Lavender – inner calm, peaceful mind, increased awareness, stability, restful sleep

Rosemary – memory, clarity of mind, strength, protection

Juniper berries – good health and energy, purification, protection

Rose petals – love, romance, heart chakra


It smells amazing.

For this particular blend, I find the best times to use it are just before going to bed, or as preparation for sitting meditation or ritual work. Obviously any time that suits you is great. I have found it to be good for dream work, psychic vision, and grounding. If you are feeling particularly toxic by the end of the day, this is a good choice for “cleaning the day off”! And I recommend trying it at least once prior to meditation, see how it affects your experience.

Here is the recipe and instructions:


1/2 C Mugwort
1/2 C Lavender
1/2 C Rosemary
1/4 C Juniper Berries
1/4 C Rose Petals


If you have a mortar and pestle, grind the herbs a bit to release more of their aroma and oils. If not, I recommend at least crushing the juniper berries with the flat side of a knife (similar to crushing garlic). Combine you herbs in a bowl and mix together well. Store in a jar until ready to use – it is enough for 2 baths or one very potent bath!

When you are ready to use your Witch’s Brew, get a large pot of water boiling. As the water heats, prep your blend. You’ll want a large muslin drawstring bag, cheesecloth, or a clean dish towel. Fill the muslin bag with at least 1 cup of the blend, or, if using cheesecloth or dish towel, place it in the center of the cloth and pull up the corners and sides – use string or a rubber band to close. Once your water is boiling, take it off the heat, add your sachet to the water, and cover with a lid. Let steep 10 min. Get your bath water water running, and, once the brew is done steeping, add it along with the sachet to your bath. For extra detoxification, add 4 cups of Epsom salts to your bath as well.

For an herb wash (if you don’t have a bath tub):

Follow the process above, bring the pot of infused water with you to the shower with a bowl or large cup. Take your shower (I recommend exfoliating too) and at the end rinse your body (and hair!) with the brew using your cup or bowl.

For a floor wash: this is a good one for cleaning your house for protection, love, and good energy.

Follow the steeping process above, add brew to your mop water along with your usual cleaner and 1 cup of sea salt.

This recipe is an excerpt from my zine, DIY Herbal Bath Kit Zine, which includes lots of other recipes along with information about working with herbs and essential oils.

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I hope you enjoy this, and let me know what you think in the comments! ❤

Good News!


Good news y’all! All online orders will now come with a free sample of the one of the scented oils. These are my five signature scents for all of the apothecary goods. I’ll pick these at random but if there’s one you prefer to try try, just let me know in the notes at checkout! ❤ Shop here

For more info on each scent, check these links below:

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